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    Address£º Beilun District, Ningbo City, a small town Jiangnan Road Ishibashi Station Lake Fangcun
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    Ningbo Beilun Tianxin Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, is a professional engaged in foreign machinery processing enterprises. Enterprises have passed ISO9001:2008 quality management certification. The company covers an area of 9500 square, the existing building area of 8000 square; fixed assets 30000000, 75 employees. Company is located in the geographical position is superior, beautiful scenery and elegant environment of Ningbo Beilun Gang Zhen Xiao Hu Fang Cun, convenient transportation, from the south of the Yangtze River Highway Bridge station ride 717 road to he Xing Cun, Ningbo City bailiff training base for the next.

    The company to undertake major foreign ancillary products, mechanical finish machining and welding processing, products are mainly for the medical machinery, wind power machinery, complete sets of hydraulic machine and injection molding machine parts and precision mold supporting; mechanical transmission and gear box, injection molding machine base, welding parts, pull gold pieces, stamping processing is required for mechanical manufacturing industry cooperation partner.

    Equipment has Taiwan: LB-130 CNC boring milling two units, processing itinerary: X5 m, Y3.05 m, Z2.1 m, W0.8 M. Taiwan: LB-110 CNC boring milling one, processing itinerary: X3 m, Y2.1 m *Z1.5 m *W0.5 M. Taiwan: Li Chi LH-630B horizontal machining center one, processing range: X1 meters, Y0.85 meters, Z0.95 meters, the new Taiwan and Taiwan Wei Chi Li vertical machining center 4, processing range: X1.6 meters Y1.0 meters Z0.85 meters, boring and milling center 2, processing range: X0.75 meters, Y0.7 meters, Z0.7 meters. W0.3 M. Japanese brand MDH80 OKK plate machine double station horizontal machining center 1, processing range: X1.4 meters Y1.1 meters Z1.05 meters. Longmen Haitian Seiko five face machining center 1, processing range: 3.35 meters long, 2.50 meters wide, 1 meters high, the maximum work load of 15 tons. Five face machining center in Longmen, processing route: the door is 4.2 meters wide, 2 meters high, 6 meters long, the maximum load of 30 tons of work. CNC boring milling 1, processing stroke: X3 m, Z1.6 m, Y2.1 m, table bearing 8 tons. CNC lathe CK6150B various models 5. General lathe CW6280D maximum rotary diameter 1.1 m *3 m, small lathe C6250 and C6140 a total of 14 units. Digital milling machine 9, radial drilling machine Z3050 a total of 3 units. Round grinding stroke 300*1500 and plane grinding stroke 1 m *0.6 m 3 sets. Digital display Longmen milling, processing trip, 6 meters long * wide of 2 meters, height of 1.5 meters. Digital display car, diameter 4 meters, height of 2 meters, the 2. NC vertical car, diameter 2 meters, height of 1.4 meters, the 2.

    Tianxin is the first supplier of Beilun Sumiju Machinery Company (subsidery of Japan Sumitomo Group) and Taiwan Yeongguan Group, and has became a regular supplier of Elekta (medical machinery), Siemens (wind power machinery), sinopec, ect  

    The company pursues the quality is the life of enterprise, the quality of survival, to the credibility of the market, to innovation and development, pay attention to the quality of staff, the development of corporate culture building for business philosophy, commitment to innovation, processing a low cost and high quality to adapt to the modern quality.

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    Address: the Ningbo Beilun small town Jiangnan Highway Ishibashi Station Lake Fangcun ¡¡Tel£º0574-86175333 Fax£º0574-86173356
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